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30th October 2015

Say Hello to TruthVine C.I.C. – A Letter from our Founder

Dear Friend,
TruthVine is on a mission to equip churches to share the gospel. As the Lord gives opportunity, we seek to provide evangelical churches and other Christian organisations with products and services to make them more effective in gospel outreach. I’m writing today to tell you of an important milestone in our work.

On the 27th September 2015, TruthVine C.I.C. was incorporated as a private limited company at Companies House. From now on TruthVine C.I.C. will be the legal entity carrying on the TruthVine business. The “C.I.C.” in the name stands for “Community Interest Company”, and it represents the fact that the company exists for the benefit of a community – the worldwide community of evangelical churches – rather than to profit private individuals.

TruthVine C.I.C. was set up with three main aims:

  1. To motivate the evangelistic efforts of churches by rekindling a desire to experience the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. To provide churches with products and services that assist them directly in gospel outreach
  3. To harness technology to relieve administrative burdens in churches and Christian charities so that more time is available for gospel work

I am deeply conscious that all progress made so far is by God’s grace alone, given to us after the prayerful intercession of many friends. Since God has been so good in bringing us this far, can I urge you to continue to pray for us, and to pass on the word to others who can also pray for us? Everything to this point is just a foundation, and unless the Lord builds this work, all our labour will be in vain.

In Christ,

Samuel Jack
Managing Director, TruthVine C.I.C.

P.S. Here are just two examples of the work we’re currently doing: the first is our new online shop, shop.truthvine.com where, amongst other things, you can buy smart invitation cards for your special services, and attractive gospel posters. The second is our hassle-free church websites service: if your church website is looking tired or dated, and is hard work to change, get in touch – we can help!

Q & A

What does this mean for existing customers?
All TruthVine business is being transferred into TruthVine C.I.C as of the 5th October 2015. However, the only change you’ll see is in the name of the business. For example, invoices will now come from TruthVine C.I.C. rather than Seaturtle Software Ltd. Everything else will continue as before. The Terms & Conditions for using our services have been updated to reflect the new business name.

What about Direct Debit payments?
They’ll continue as normal. As part of the transfer of business we’re updating some of our accounting and payment systems, including the Direct Debit system. If you have a Direct Debit agreement with us you may receive an email to the effect that your payment plan has been cancelled. You can safely ignore this! Your Direct Debit payments won’t be affected, and you don’t need to take any further action.

Any other changes?
Your money now goes further! TruthVine C.I.C. is not required to be VAT registered at this stage. Since our prices no longer have to include VAT, all the money you pay us now stays with us, enabling us to do more in the Lord’s service.

Is TruthVine now a charity?
No! Although TruthVine C.I.C. is a government-recognized not-for-profit company (we are registered with the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies), we are not registered as a charity. At this stage we felt that the extra “red tape” involved would slow us down and outweigh the potential benefits of charitable status. If the Lord prospers us, we may consider seeking charitable status in the future.

What is your doctrinal position?
In a nutshell: reformed at heart, evangelical in embrace. To expand on that: the leadership of TruthVine C.I.C. are committed to the historic reformed evangelical faith. But our desire is to support and encourage all churches preaching salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please see our doctrinal basis for a statement of our core beliefs.

Can TruthVine help us?
We’d love too! Our aim is to help as many churches as we can, in as many ways as the Lord enables. The current services we offer are all shown on www.truthvine.com. But if you have other needs you think we could help with (including bespoke software development), please contact us at team@truthvine.com.

How can we help you?
Thanks for thinking of us! Your prayers will always be valued. If you would like to offer practical help, or make a donation to further the work, please contact Samuel Jack directly, sam@truthvine.com

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TruthVine C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales, No. 9796696. Registered office, 38 Woodrow Lane, Catshill, Bromsgrove, B61 0PU

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