Want to share sermons on your
church website, but don't know how?

The Internet gives your church an amazing opportunity to spread the Gospel locally - and to a world in need. But working out how to put your sermons online can be tricky ... until now.

TruthVine makes it fast, easy & affordable.

Churches are using TruthVine already!
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Spread the Gospel

  • Help your church: If people are ill or away, they can catch up with sermons online. Save time/cost duplicating so many CDs.
  • Support evangelism: Enable local people (curious to visit your website) to listen online.
  • Reach a wide audience:Make sermons available to Christians and seekers world-wide.

What you need ...

  • A church website already
  • A sound system that amplifies your preacher during sermons
  • A laptop PC
  • Internet access - either at home or at your church (eg. using a USB dongle or smartphone)
  • Read our FAQ for more details

Key Features

  • Record and upload sermons to your website very easily - within minutes of the closing 'Amen'.
  • Allow people to listen online immediately or download for later.
  • Enable web visitors to search and find older sermons easily.
  • Prices start at £9.99 per month - much less than some services and with no distracting adverts.
“TruthVine is a brilliant resource. All our sermons are on our church website within minutes. We love it!”

Pastor R. Jeremy Brooks, Welcome Hall Evangelical Church, Catshill

Pastor R. Jeremy Brooks